London Mistresses

London Mistresses - Kensington Mistress CBT Nikita

I am a disciplinarian and dominatrix in London, with old fashioned values in one corner and modern flair in the other.I have 10 years experience professionally and many more from my private life.My demeanor is calm , calculating and not without a dry humour.

My work is an extension of who I am in private I can dominate in a very feminine,sensual way or just switch to strict or sadistic. I genuinely and thoroughly enjoy all the activities I offer.I am happy to introduce virgins to the mind blowing world of BDSM .

Whatever you are an experienced submissive or first time who would like to experience his first tie&tiese session, I am happy to entertain you as long as you are considerate and polite.Polite and humble slaves,submissives,fetishists and masochists are invited to introduce themselves . Not one inch of your flesh will go unmanipulated should I choose it . However is done with understanding and duty of care - your body is mine to toy with,my cane the bow with which a glorious tune can be played.
I don't compare the tolerance one person to another. Toying with you to the limit your capacity and perhaps beyond is where I find my joy.

07387 913073