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London Mistresses - Elizabeth Swan of Baker Street

I am a London and Kent based dominatrix mistress who offers disciplinary services.

I have been working as a dominatrix for the past five years. It has been a hell of a journey- mostly in a wonderful, enlightening, inspiring way. I did many jobs before, and some I still do. Domination gives me the opportunity financially to pursue my other creative loves. I always felt that life was too short and so to fill it with as much as possible. The gentlemen that I know have the same outlook.

I worked out of my own dungeons for the last four years. My first was under a car park (really) and my second was a beautiful domestic flat. To be honest I preferred the car park. Now when I am in London I use a hotel near Baker street which suits me and I store all of my small kit (electrics, restraints etc) nearby. In Kent I have my own dungeon that I work from a couple of days a week where I have more equipment. Although the most essential kit I carry with me always…my imagination.

If you would like us to get to know each other then email me a little about yourself and I may send you my telephone number so we can have a chat.

I will never see more than two slaves in a day. Discretion is of the upmost importance to me, which is also one of the reasons I never show my face. I will also not visit a restaurant or a members club with you if I have been there with somebody else.

I love to travel. In the past few years I have been to Paris, Barbados, Geneva, Dubai and Hong Kong with clients. If we meet and connect I am happy to travel with you.

Now I have only a select number of gentlemen that I see. This gives me time to really enjoy the domination sessions and also to do other pursuits. I love writing and I often do volunteer work. This all makes me sound like I am very serious. I’m not. I’m just taking life by the balls…in all manner of ways!

Thank you for reading.

Elizabeth Swan X 

Contact Me – Elizabeth Swan – London  and Kent Based Domination

My email address is [email protected]

If we haven’t met before I ask for an introductory email. I rarely take on new clients but if I like the tone of your email I will reply with my telephone number.

I also offer phone chat. To request a session email me.